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Brand story Elegant comfortable, founder of LEO since 2008 engaged in research and development of new materials application field and successfully apply the new material to automobile manufacturing industry and construction industry in China, at present, new material and high-tech applied to still have a huge gap between end products, high-tech products tend to give priority to applications in industrial field, as soon as a new material is applied to life, involves a series of problems such as environmental protection, safe, beautiful, founder often reflect on the problem how to be more perfect, let the new material products into the life, for the people to provide a more extreme experience. Founder in Europe and the United States in the process of investigation, recognising that Europe and the United States, the leading home design, according to his many years of research in the field of new materials with cultivation, hand French designer, determined to Europe and the United States and the comfort of indoor household leading furniture design together, use new materials, new technologies to create a more perfect household products.

Creative space furniture Taste life -- created by "yasur"
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10 furniture production standards Elaborate green furniture Create a green life for you Let you live a healthier and greener life
58 quality and safety standards Elaborate green furniture Let you live a healthier and greener life Create a green life for you
365 after-sales service After-sales service throughout the year Let your furniture after-sales worry

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